Diversity and inclusion are not strangers to Walgreens. For over 110 years, we have dedicated ourselves to becoming “My Walgreens” for everyone in America.

At the core of our success have been our team members. Walgreens values its diverse and inclusive workforce; it is not only the right thing to do, but a business imperative and a competitive advantage as well. Leveraging the diverse thoughts, perspectives, and backgrounds of our employees allows us to continue to provide innovative solutions and products to better serve our customers and patients.

Diversity isn’t about tolerance, but acceptance. It is also not about what you look like, but rather about celebrating our differences and recognizing the unique value that every person brings to the organization. Diversity and inclusion transcends race and gender. They focus on building an environment that engages “ALL” employees and encourages them to deliver their best work. This fully aligns with Walgreens’ key strategy to deliver an outstanding customer experience through enhanced employee engagement.

In an inclusive environment, everyone has something to give and everyone has something to get. It is collective, cohesive and collaborative in nature; a real cornerstone in building a healthy and happy environment.

To learn more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion, please visit the diversity and inclusion section of our company site.

Business Resource Groups

Walgreens Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are organized by Walgreens employees, based on their shared experiences. Their purpose is to help us gain access to qualified diverse talent, help develop employees and to engage internal and external communities.

Currently, Walgreens has nine BRGs representing the following groups: African-American, Asian, Environment Sustainability, Latinos, LGBT, People with Disabilities, Veterans, Women and Young Professionals.

Walgreens Supports Diversity in Pharmacy Education

Walgreens is committed to promoting diversity within all schools and colleges of pharmacy. Each year, since 2008, Walgreens has donated over a million dollars to this cause – with approximately half going to students in the form of scholarships and the remainder being donated to accredited pharmacy schools in the US and Puerto Rico. With our continued support, we are helping to increase the enrollment of and provide educational assistance to students in underrepresented communities.