Walgreens is a company that’s uniquely dedicated to our pharmacists. And nowhere is that commitment more evident than in the steps we take to hire and support the best and the brightest in the field. Our programs are designed to help give you the financial assistance you need through the two years of pre-pharmacy coursework, as well as the four years of study devoted specifically to pharmacy in an accredited pharmacy school. It’s a substantial investment in your development. But it’s one that we’ve seen pay-off time and time again in the extraordinary pharmacists we now have throughout our organization.

Once you’re a Walgreens team member, you can contact the District Pharmacy Supervisor in your area to apply for our Pharmacy Educational Assistance Programs.

Applications for the 2016 school year will be accepted based on your graduation date:

2016-2019 graduates who have previously received an Educational Assistance Award—September 1st 2015 through July 31st 2016.

2016-2019 graduates who have not previously received an Educational Assistance Award—January 1st 2016 through July 31st 2016.

*Note: 2016 graduates who have not previously received educational assistance are not eligible to apply during their final year.

Pre-Pharmacy Program

Program Details:

The Walgreens Pre-Pharmacy Student Educational Assistance Program assists students who are already Walgreens employees by reimbursing them up to $2,500 for required pre-pharmacy courses, once they are enrolled in pharmacy school.

To participate in the Pre-Pharmacy Educational Assistance Program, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Have at least 1,040 hours of employment with Walgreens.
  • Be in your first professional year of pharmacy school or be accepted into your first year of professional pharmacy school for the next semester.
  • Provide documentation of acceptance into an accredited school of pharmacy.
  • Provide tuition receipts from your pre-pharmacy coursework.
  • Be recommended by your Walgreens Pharmacy Supervisor, District Manager, and the Educational Assistance Program Committee.

Professional Educational Assistance Program

Program Details:

The Walgreens Pharmacy Student Professional Educational Assistance Program is offered to pharmacy students attending their last four years of pharmacy school. This program offers $2,500 per year for each year that a student participates.

To participate in the program, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be in one of your last four years of professional pharmacy school.
  • Be a past or present Walgreens employee.
  • Be recommended by your Pharmacy Supervisor, District Manager and the Educational Assistance Program Committee.

After graduating from pharmacy school, the student must remain employed with Walgreens on a full-time basis as a pharmacist for the same number of years for which he/she participated in the program. (The work requirement is equitably adjusted for students attending three-year pharmacy programs such that the first two years a student receives an award he/she will have a 1-year work requirement, and the third year will have an increased dollar amount and a 2-year work requirement.) If a student leaves Walgreens before that period of time elapses, he/she will have to repay the award received.

Application Period:

Applications for the Pre-Pharmacy Program will be accepted until May 31st of your first professional year.


Here are some topics that may help you navigate through our web page. Please click on the question you would like to learn more about.

How do I get my user ID and password?

To obtain your user ID and password, please contact your District Pharmacy Supervisor and explain that you are interested in the program. If you do not know who your District Pharmacy Supervisor is, please call or email our Educational Assistance Coordinators at 866-967-5492 (option 4) or peap@walgreens.com. If your District Pharmacy Supervisor would like you to participate in the program, they will send you an email from our online system with the user ID and password you will need to complete the application. Please remember that the application is a 2-step process. You begin by filling out your personal information and follow by choosing the award you wish to apply for.

Who is my District Pharmacy Supervisor?

A District Pharmacy Supervisor oversees Walgreens Pharmacies within a district. Each District Pharmacy Supervisor oversees approximately 25-30 Walgreens stores within a district. If you do not know who your District Pharmacy Supervisor is, you can ask your Pharmacy Manager or contact our Educational Assistance Coordinators at 866-967-5492 (option 4) or peap@walgreens.com.

How do I know what district to apply for?

You should apply under the District you intend to work in after you graduate from Pharmacy school. If you do not know where you plan on working or have never worked with Walgreens before, you can ask your District Pharmacy Supervisor or an Educational Assistance Coordinator.

What if I lost my user ID and/or password?

If you have misplaced your user ID and/or password, please click here. This link will direct you to the login site for the application. Under the "Sign In " button, you will see three options for your individual situation. They are: "Forgot your password? ", "Forgot your User ID? " and "Forgot your User ID and Password? " Click here(opens in new window)

What if my user ID and/or password do not work?

Your user ID and password are case sensitive. After five failed login attempts, you will be locked out of the system. At this point, you need to email the Educational Assistance Coordinators at peap@walgreens.com for a new password. Please only contact the Coordinators one time, as multiple requests will result in your account being reset multiple times. A suggestion for logging into your account is to copy and paste your password from your email into your login page.

How can I check on the status of my check?

Start by logging into the Pharmacy Educational Assistance web site with your user ID and password, then click on "View application/award statements." You can then look at the status of your check.

How long does it take to receive a check?

It typically takes one month from the date you submit your application to the date we send your check. Please remember that one month is only an average.

Do I need to update my year in school online?

No, that is one of the great things about our online system. We will automatically update your year in school before the beginning of the next school year. If special circumstances cause your graduation to change, you will need to update your year in school in our online system. Please do this by updating your profile at www.walgreens.com/peapapply(opens in new window).