KathyDirector of Nursing: The Walgreens culture is very fast paced, it's very innovative, and it's very values driven. Every day in decision making, we focus on what's best for the patient, what's best for our referral sources, and what's best for our employees.

BryanIT Manager: It's a goal-oriented company that promotes coaching, mentoring, sharing and career growth. It's a very active and flexible environment that I feel a lot of people enjoy. People are encouraged to think differently, present their thoughts and not worry about repercussions. That's one of the reasons I feel Walgreens remains so innovative and provides more value in the end.

HaideeReal Estate Manager: I believe that the culture in the company is very driven. Ever since I started working here a few years ago, I noticed right away that they were very driven. People take a lot of pride in what they do, and I believe that part of it is that everyone truly believes that what they do every day really contributes to the bottom line of the company, and to what the company wants to do, which is provide services through different communities and the country. And I think were all a part of what we do, and that's why we work so hard.

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